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What country imports the most almonds?best almond wholesale suppliers

almond suppliers They act in different ways and have been able to make high profits.Almond tree, which is one of the best types of almonds in Iran, is bought and sold directly in the domestic market. But in the field of export of Iranian almonds, a suitable sample should be selected from among the types of almonds according to the target country’s almond from suppliers

What country imports the most almonds?

What country imports the most almonds? Almond exports Products such as raisins and almonds from horticultural products can have a significant exchange rate among non-oil exports. Almond tree is a tree with long and narrow leaves, whose flowers bloom before the leaves grow.
The fruit of the tree first has a green, thin and hairy skin called almond pulp, which hardens after a while. Its brain is of two types: sweet and bitter. Provinces of Fars, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Khorasan Razavi, North, South, Hamedan, Central, East Azerbaijan, Yazd,

Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, Qazvin and Lorestan have the most almond products in the country. 20% of the country’s almonds are produced in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and this province ranks first in the country. The most famous almonds in Iran are produced in Fars, Kerman and Azerbaijan provinces.
Almond export and export problem

Iran has a special place among dried fruit exporters. And our country is in the fifth place in the world production of this product. The most important factor in reducing the export of this product should be considered poor marketing. There are almost no modified almond orchards in Iran. For this reason, there is no clear and precise sizing that is very popular in global markets.

The low average knowledge of this product in the country compared to other countries in the world and the export of raw and bulk almonds are the main problems of production and export. Almonds are exported to 26 countries such as Turkey, Persian Gulf countries, India and Germany. Top exporters of almonds: USA, Spain, Germany, France and Iran. The most important market for Iranian almonds is India. Of the countries, the countries are among the main exporting countries
Major almond producing countries include the United States, Africa, Australia, Iran, Spain, Morocco, Syria, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia and China. the largest almond importing countries The country is Central Asia and India.

best almond wholesale suppliers

best almond wholesale suppliers .We have mentioned the different types of almonds that are available to customers in the markets here, and we know that each of these products demands its own customers based on its characteristics. The sale of almond kernels in the markets is increasing day by day with the increase of people’s awareness in this field, which creates prosperous markets for products. There are several ways to sell almonds, each of which requires its own services. In the following, we will mention the items that are as follows:

  •  Sales through almond centers
  • Sales through almond dealers
  • Sales through intercity stores
  • Sell ​​through Almond online store
  • Sales through almond online sites

In general, almonds are sold in the markets in three ways: online, traditional and direct, each of which is applied in specific places according to the previous section. In traditional sales, we see sales centers that play a very important role in profitability. Sales centers can be searched in different cities of our country, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Mashhad city
  • Zanjam city
  • City of Arak
  • Qom city
  • City of Karaj

almond export price It is very cheap due to its high quality.

Collection Makaveli food invite you for buy the best product Almond

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